Real Talk

So, I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but a week or two ago I wrote my own “rant” about the rules of the school I attend.

In it I tried so hard to make it clear that I love this university and that while I may not agree with all the rules, I still follow them.

With the post getting over 4200 views(was not expecting that at all), I’ve gotten some amazingly positive feedback,


but also some very negative feedback.


The ones that kind of made me sit back and think though were the comments that the post made me sound like a child, that I was immature, and basically to just “get over it” and that I can “just leave.”

Ah, yes. Very Christlike.

But with getting this feedback it really made me wonder, am I actually immature? I do always like to think of myself as a fairly mature person, but maybe I’m wrong. I mean, when I was in high school I thought I looked bomb with my raccoon eye makeup and baggy band t-shirts, and now I know how wrong I was. So maybe I’m not as mature as I had once thought.


But then that made me start to think that, why is it that simply sharing my own opinions makes me immature? At what point does it cross the line from have a simple thought you want to voice to then sounding like a whiny teenager?

It was also brought up in the feedback that my whole life will be filled with having to do stuff I don’t want to do; whether it be with work or family, but that I would be expected to do it, so get over yourself.

This honestly surprised me. Of course I know that I’ll always be asked to do things I don’t necessarily want to do but I will be expected to perform those tasks. But even when I discussed my issues with the rules, I made it very clear that I do, in fact, follow them. Just because I follow the rules, doesn’t mean I HAVE to agree with them.

Isn’t that a sign of maturity though?

Even at a future job, even at my current job, while I may not want to do something, I will of course do whatever my  employer asks of me and will do the best I can at the task as to make sure my boss is getting the best possible outcome they can. Because yes, I agreed to this job. As I agreed with following the rules at the school and I do.

I really am just curious to know where the line is? Because I know that I’m a very opinionated person. In fact, when having a discussion with family members or friends I often hear, “Jeez Rebecca, learn how to form an opinion once in a while.” In a sarcastic tone, of course.

So where is it? Where is this magical line that I seemed to have crossed?


I know there is always a time and place to either share or not share your opinions, but if I can’t share my opinions on a BLOG, then where? I thought blogs were supposed to be places where individuals can post ideas, insights, OPINIONS, ¬†and yet just because I seem to be posting something of controversy then that means I’m immature.

So, for the last time, I want to make it very clear that I, Bex, am very grateful and appreciative of the university at which I attend. I understand that when I agreed to come to this school that I also agreed to follow the rules at which it provides. I do, in fact, follow the rules, and will continue to follow said rules. However, that will not stop me nor change any opinions which I have acquired while being here.

I would also like to state that in any opinions I have posted or will post in the future are never said in hopes of offending anyone, I would never try to purposely hurt anyone’s feelings.


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