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If You Wanted to Be Treated Like an Adult then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It.

First, I’d like to apologize if the following post doesn’t make total sense. There are a lot of thoughts in this little noggin of mine and I’m trying to make them as coherent as possible.

Second, I realize I’ve already written about the way I feel towards the rules at the university to which I attend(A Letter to the (BYU-I) President) but in recent conversations I’ve been having with friends it has gotten me fired up again.

Third, please enjoy my ranting.


So I’ve been at BYU-I for officially a little over a year now and once again- just because I know there will be people reading my post out of context again like they did my previous one- I will once again make it very clear that I am grateful to attend this university. I’ve met amazing people, had awesome professors, and wonderful church leaders. With that being said, this university it not perfect. Just because it is a religiously affiliated school does not mean that it’s perfect and that it doesn’t have room for improvement.

I would also like to make it very clear that everything in this post are just my opinions. I’m not expecting things to change just because I’m complaining about them. However, since any idiot with a computer is allowed to blog about whatever their little heart desires, I am therefore practicing my God-given right to be an opinionated asshat.


These past couple weeks I have been discussing with various new and old friends my feelings about the rules and Honor Code that make up this university. In these discussions its caused me to be even more irritated about them. And yes, I realize that when I agreed to attend this school I signed up to follow the rules and honor code that they presented us. I would like to make it very clear that I do follow the rules and just because I agreed to follow them does not mean I have to agree with them.

Part of the reason these rules bother me so much is because it seems that once you get married-these rules don’t apply to you anymore. Rules like:

  • Curfew
  • Who is or is’t allowed in your bedroom
  • Having to attend x-amount of church as to not get your endorsement taken away
  • Having to live in BYU-I approved housing
  • Having clean checks in your apartment

And so forth.

All because you got married.

Why is it that just because you put a ring on your finger you’re no longer subjected to the same rules as us singles? Because married people don’t do anything wrong?


I agree that obviously when you’re married you should be mature enough to make the right decisions, but are you saying that I-as a 23 year old- am still not mature enough to not be treated as a child just because I haven’t been given the opportunity to get married yet?

So as if I don’t feel crappy enough for still being single as a pringle; I then get treated as the emo kid adolescent I was when I was in middle school and high school all because I haven’t had the chance to wear that pretty white dress yet.

Basically, I just feel as though I am being further punished for being single. Carrying on this idea that single people are the enemy and we can’t be trusted.


Who knows, maybe that’s partly the reason they have these ridiculous rules so that we do get married fast because we all know this place is just a giant meat market for marriage and they’re all trying to get us to walk through those temple doors as soon as possible. Which, if that’s the case…..


I believe the Honor Code to be very flawed and imperfect. For a school being constantly referred to as “The Lord’s School” I strongly disagree. True, it may be the closest thing to it, but I believe that if Christ were on the earth today and truly running the school the only rules would be the commandments. Because if you’re following the commandments then subsequently all of the other rules-for the most part-fall into place. Of course, I can in no way speak for Christ, so obviously I don’t know this to be true, but it’s just what I believe.

I want to make it very clear that I have a strong testimony of this gospel, but the honor code is not gospel and I think that a lot of people here forget that.



No, I Don’t Want To Hangout

If you’re getting sick of me talking so much about being single then you should just exit out of this right now.

Alright, since you know what you’re getting in to I can begin…anne

So I am 23 and single. In the ‘real world’ that’s still super young and I’ve still got YEARS ahead of me before I should even consider getting married.

Well, I don’t live in the ‘real world’ I live in the Mormon World, and not only just live in the world, but the capitol, BYU-I in Rexburg, Idaho.

To give you an idea of how THIS world works at 23 I should have been married 10 years ago, have 18 kids, and maybe a couple grandkids on the way.

Perhaps I’m being a TAD over dramatic. But in reality being 23 and single in the Mormon world is like….


I see the ages in the Mormon world being similar to those of dog years.

I may be 23 normally, but in Mormon years I’m about 65. I say this because I can tell my filter is failing on me and my ability to keep my opinions to myself is pretty nonexistent.

To be honest though, being single is kinda freaking awesome.

  1. I can literally do whatever I want whenever I want without having to check in with anyone.
  2. Any food of mine is ALL MINE.
  3. I get to spend money on stupid shit without worrying about bills or real responsibilities. I mean, I bought myself $120 penguin because I could.


So really, why would I want to get married right now?

One thing that blows about being single is having to date.

Dating is the actual worst.

Although, how would I really know if dating is good or bad because I’ve never been on a date.

Let me explain, I’ve gone out with boys and had a boyfriend or two,


(Yes, that is a 10 hour video of “mmm whatcha say.”)

You wanna know why? Because dating is pretty much not a thing anymore. Nope, instead we just ‘hang out.’

That’s right, I’ve been asked to ‘hang out’ quite a bit, have I ever been asked on a ‘date’?


Let me tell you something.


I hangout with my friends, my family, or hell, if we’ve been in a relationship for a while , then I hangout with my boyfriend.

(Although let it be noted that dating while in a relationship/marriage is still important)

But if you find me attractive and I find you attractive I want to do more than hangout.

I genuinely do not understand why dating has turned into such a hot mess. Beside the whole “hangout’ debacle, there’s the way we treat each other.

No one is straight forward, no one just puts themselves out there. Instead we play games and try to be vague as possible until we know FOR SURE that the other person likes us. Don’t get me wrong, being vulnerable is hard. I’m not perfect at it either, but damn.

Especially the playing games.

I’m not good at playing games.

Except Disney Scene it. I’m bomb at that.


But seriously, the games have got to stop.

It should not be this difficult. If you like someone-tell them, ask them on a date. Literally the worst that could happen is they say no.

And guess what? If they say no, take the money you would’ve spent on the date and…


*this goes for you too, girls. ain’t no law that says the boys have to do the asking.*