A Proclamation

I realize a lot of you are perhaps getting sick of my posts, but honestly, it’s just been really occurring to me how messed up Mormon Culture is and I’m over it.

While I realize I alone wont change the minds of thousands or that Mormon Culture will disappear over night- I’m still doing my best and there will be plenty more posts to point out and try to change what has built up over the last 50 years or so.

I will not succumb to the archaic thinking that surrounds many of the members of this church.

You can be a righteous, temple-worthy individual, and still have opinions, be loud, and be different.

I have a testimony of this gospel-not of the church-but of the gospel. I know that Christ is my savior and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ. I know where my relationship lies with my Heavenly Father and just because I’m not the cookie-cutter Mormon doesn’t diminish what I believe or know to be true.

It’s time to ruffle some feathers.

“I’m Going to Stay Right Here and Cause all Kinds of Trouble”

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