I Deleted my Tinder. Now What?

It’s been almost a year since I have first initially downloaded Tinder. For those of you who may not be familiar with Tinder, it’s a ‘dating’ app for mostly college aged individuals to maybe late 30’s. At least I hope anyone over the age of 32 isn’t on there because that’s kinda sad.

Now, when I say ‘dating’ app I’m using that term very loosely because let’s be real, it’s mostly used to have quick and easy hook-ups. Although, for the area I’m at it’s a little different because most students here aren’t looking for hooking up in the terms of actual boning, but for NCMO’s (non-committal make out. yes, I’m being serious…….)

At first, the app was all fun. I mean, Swiping right or left being able to pass judgement on people right from the comfort of my own bed? Talk about dream come true.


Not to mention it was a nice boost of self-esteem when you make that right-swipe(AKA you thought they were attractive) and then getting that little notification that you matched with Mr. Hottie meaning he though you were cute too.

Then it got even better when they would message you. Personally, I got the most enjoyment out of how creative some of them were.


So for the last year I’ve been on this app, talking to numerous male specimen and hell, even went on a date with a couple.

While I always assured people that I wasn’t expecting to meet my future husband on this app, there was always a little part of me that was holding out hope that maybe, JUST maybe I would meet Mr. Right from that right swipe. I mean, I’ve had two friends that actually did meet their spouse/fiancee from this app.

However, as I got into this new semester at school I still had a little bit of fun giving my fingers a workout while swiping left or right on the new peeps a school, but then I just got bored. This just isn’t fun anymore. I was swiping left more often than right and the ones that I did swipe right for just weren’t even trying. Not to mention, let’s be real, actually meeting someone decent on Tinder that my family wouldn’t just rip to shreds….not likely.

So now here I am. I deleted the app and starting at square one.

 My question is now….what do I do now? How do I actually meet people? Sure a lot of you might be thinking I’m a moron, clearly just go out and put yourself out there, but that seriously isn’t that easy. Being vulnerable is the actual worst.

Not to mention, being a girl, if the moment I decide I might have a crush on someone I have to be sure not to come across as the crazy stalker chick. Women have this reputation to move too fast and well, seriously look crazy. So I have to calculate my moves JUUUSSSTTT right so that I’m trying to make it obvious I’m into him BUT not TOO strong to make it look like I’ve already got the wedding planned and our kid’s names picked out.

milaHow we think we’re coming across…..–>

 overly<–How you think we’re coming across…..

It’s tough. And then I see those girls who seem to just get into relationship after relationship and I’m just like, “HOW?” How do you do that? I mean it takes me a month to decide if I like a blouse or not let alone deciding if I actually want to try and make a certain fella my fella.

It’s times like these where I’m thinking I really wouldn’t mind an arranged married.

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