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A Proclamation

I realize a lot of you are perhaps getting sick of my posts, but honestly, it’s just been really occurring to me how messed up Mormon Culture is and I’m over it.

While I realize I alone wont change the minds of thousands or that Mormon Culture will disappear over night- I’m still doing my best and there will be plenty more posts to point out and try to change what has built up over the last 50 years or so.

I will not succumb to the archaic thinking that surrounds many of the members of this church.

You can be a righteous, temple-worthy individual, and still have opinions, be loud, and be different.

I have a testimony of this gospel-not of the church-but of the gospel. I know that Christ is my savior and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ. I know where my relationship lies with my Heavenly Father and just because I’m not the cookie-cutter Mormon doesn’t diminish what I believe or know to be true.

It’s time to ruffle some feathers.

“I’m Going to Stay Right Here and Cause all Kinds of Trouble”


If You Wanted to Be Treated Like an Adult then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It.

First, I’d like to apologize if the following post doesn’t make total sense. There are a lot of thoughts in this little noggin of mine and I’m trying to make them as coherent as possible.

Second, I realize I’ve already written about the way I feel towards the rules at the university to which I attend(A Letter to the (BYU-I) President) but in recent conversations I’ve been having with friends it has gotten me fired up again.

Third, please enjoy my ranting.


So I’ve been at BYU-I for officially a little over a year now and once again- just because I know there will be people reading my post out of context again like they did my previous one- I will once again make it very clear that I am grateful to attend this university. I’ve met amazing people, had awesome professors, and wonderful church leaders. With that being said, this university it not perfect. Just because it is a religiously affiliated school does not mean that it’s perfect and that it doesn’t have room for improvement.

I would also like to make it very clear that everything in this post are just my opinions. I’m not expecting things to change just because I’m complaining about them. However, since any idiot with a computer is allowed to blog about whatever their little heart desires, I am therefore practicing my God-given right to be an opinionated asshat.


These past couple weeks I have been discussing with various new and old friends my feelings about the rules and Honor Code that make up this university. In these discussions its caused me to be even more irritated about them. And yes, I realize that when I agreed to attend this school I signed up to follow the rules and honor code that they presented us. I would like to make it very clear that I do follow the rules and just because I agreed to follow them does not mean I have to agree with them.

Part of the reason these rules bother me so much is because it seems that once you get married-these rules don’t apply to you anymore. Rules like:

  • Curfew
  • Who is or is’t allowed in your bedroom
  • Having to attend x-amount of church as to not get your endorsement taken away
  • Having to live in BYU-I approved housing
  • Having clean checks in your apartment

And so forth.

All because you got married.

Why is it that just because you put a ring on your finger you’re no longer subjected to the same rules as us singles? Because married people don’t do anything wrong?


I agree that obviously when you’re married you should be mature enough to make the right decisions, but are you saying that I-as a 23 year old- am still not mature enough to not be treated as a child just because I haven’t been given the opportunity to get married yet?

So as if I don’t feel crappy enough for still being single as a pringle; I then get treated as the emo kid adolescent I was when I was in middle school and high school all because I haven’t had the chance to wear that pretty white dress yet.

Basically, I just feel as though I am being further punished for being single. Carrying on this idea that single people are the enemy and we can’t be trusted.


Who knows, maybe that’s partly the reason they have these ridiculous rules so that we do get married fast because we all know this place is just a giant meat market for marriage and they’re all trying to get us to walk through those temple doors as soon as possible. Which, if that’s the case…..


I believe the Honor Code to be very flawed and imperfect. For a school being constantly referred to as “The Lord’s School” I strongly disagree. True, it may be the closest thing to it, but I believe that if Christ were on the earth today and truly running the school the only rules would be the commandments. Because if you’re following the commandments then subsequently all of the other rules-for the most part-fall into place. Of course, I can in no way speak for Christ, so obviously I don’t know this to be true, but it’s just what I believe.

I want to make it very clear that I have a strong testimony of this gospel, but the honor code is not gospel and I think that a lot of people here forget that.


I Am the Badger

So I was just sitting on the couch and was reading a quiz or something about spirit animals and started wondering what my own spirit animal is.

Maybe a cat?


I mean, they’re independent, adorable, and assholes. So kinda what I can get on board with.

Or maybe a shark? I mean, they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, but the fact that they’re just swimming around and only concerned with eating- heellloooo. Totes me.


So I decide to ask my roommates what they think my spirit animal is hoping they said something awesome or exciting.


The first animal my one roommate blurts out is,

“You’re a badger.”

Then the other roommates join in all in agreement.

Of course, I immediately yell out,

“What the hell?  Why am I damn badger?”

To which another roommate replied,

“Well, they’re like, mean, but not. Like you!”


 I sat there for a few moments, a little perturbed, but after this settled in for a moment or two, you know what? They’re right. I’m totally a badger.

Because just like the video says, “[honey] badger don’t give a shit.”

It’s true, at this point in my life, I can finally say that I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what others think of me or if don’t like me.

Now, let me make it clear, I still have insecurities and so on just like everyone else, but at this point in my life, at least when it comes to my personality, I’m pretty content.

It’s taken me 23 years, but I’m doin’ me.

I’m a sarcastic, cynical, opinionated woman and I love it. I’m no longer crippled with worrying about if someone will take offense to what I’m saying or don’t like my abrasive nature.


*Important note: I never would purposely try to offend anyone.

The reason I’m getting into all this, besides the conversation about spirit animals, is because of where I am right now. In Mormon Town USA.

Sometimes, I have a hard time being here, because as I’ve talk about before, Mormons, especially Mormon women, have a sort of stereotype that we’re all blonde, quiet, and overly happy individuals.

Clearly, that’s not me.


And sometimes that’s hard. For awhile being here I would kinda walk on eggshells around people, because since I do curse or have a twisted sense of humor, I never know who I can be myself around and who I can’t. Or even as the Relief Society President(a church job) I’ve been told by my mom that I need to be ‘careful.’

Why? Why do I need to be careful?

I know where I stand with the church and where my testimony lies with the gospel, and just because I don’t act the way ‘Mormon Culture’ has deemed correct, doesn’t mean I need to pretend to be someone I’m not. If anything, with having this church job I’m showing the other women that yo, it’s okay that you’re not singing Disney songs all the time or that you have differing opinions from the ‘norm.’

You do you babe.


*When having this conversation with my mother-after I said my peace she said I was right and took back the “being careful” comment.

I’m 23-years-old, I’ll do what I want.


Real Talk

So, I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but a week or two ago I wrote my own “rant” about the rules of the school I attend.

In it I tried so hard to make it clear that I love this university and that while I may not agree with all the rules, I still follow them.

With the post getting over 4200 views(was not expecting that at all), I’ve gotten some amazingly positive feedback,


but also some very negative feedback.


The ones that kind of made me sit back and think though were the comments that the post made me sound like a child, that I was immature, and basically to just “get over it” and that I can “just leave.”

Ah, yes. Very Christlike.

But with getting this feedback it really made me wonder, am I actually immature? I do always like to think of myself as a fairly mature person, but maybe I’m wrong. I mean, when I was in high school I thought I looked bomb with my raccoon eye makeup and baggy band t-shirts, and now I know how wrong I was. So maybe I’m not as mature as I had once thought.


But then that made me start to think that, why is it that simply sharing my own opinions makes me immature? At what point does it cross the line from have a simple thought you want to voice to then sounding like a whiny teenager?

It was also brought up in the feedback that my whole life will be filled with having to do stuff I don’t want to do; whether it be with work or family, but that I would be expected to do it, so get over yourself.

This honestly surprised me. Of course I know that I’ll always be asked to do things I don’t necessarily want to do but I will be expected to perform those tasks. But even when I discussed my issues with the rules, I made it very clear that I do, in fact, follow them. Just because I follow the rules, doesn’t mean I HAVE to agree with them.

Isn’t that a sign of maturity though?

Even at a future job, even at my current job, while I may not want to do something, I will of course do whatever my  employer asks of me and will do the best I can at the task as to make sure my boss is getting the best possible outcome they can. Because yes, I agreed to this job. As I agreed with following the rules at the school and I do.

I really am just curious to know where the line is? Because I know that I’m a very opinionated person. In fact, when having a discussion with family members or friends I often hear, “Jeez Rebecca, learn how to form an opinion once in a while.” In a sarcastic tone, of course.

So where is it? Where is this magical line that I seemed to have crossed?


I know there is always a time and place to either share or not share your opinions, but if I can’t share my opinions on a BLOG, then where? I thought blogs were supposed to be places where individuals can post ideas, insights, OPINIONS,  and yet just because I seem to be posting something of controversy then that means I’m immature.

So, for the last time, I want to make it very clear that I, Bex, am very grateful and appreciative of the university at which I attend. I understand that when I agreed to come to this school that I also agreed to follow the rules at which it provides. I do, in fact, follow the rules, and will continue to follow said rules. However, that will not stop me nor change any opinions which I have acquired while being here.

I would also like to state that in any opinions I have posted or will post in the future are never said in hopes of offending anyone, I would never try to purposely hurt anyone’s feelings.


How About, No.

Hey, remember that time when women weren’t put down for how they behaved or dressed?

Ya, me either.

Now, before I go on my rant, I would like to make it clear that I love men.


^especially this one. Richard Madden. *Swoon*^

I am in no way trying to insult or put down anyone.

With that being said, there have been some things and hearing some things that have been pissing me off, but what really put me over the edge was hopping on to good ole E! Online and coming across a little article about Michelle Duggar.

So I’m sure most of you are familiar with the famous TLC family. Recently, they’ve been making it into the news for some unfortunate things

However, I’m not going to talk about that.

Instead I’m going to talk about Michelle Duggar’s recent comments about a woman being here to fulfil a man’s ‘special needs.’


I honestly didn’t even get to reading the whole thing because it was just pissing me off so much that I had to exit out. The main thing that is making me mad is that she is referring to her husband’s sex drive as his ‘special needs.’ Saying crap like, “oh anyone can make him a sandwich, but YOU are the only one there to bone him.”

What the hell? No. Just no, no no.


You know she is making it sound like a wife’s only true duty is to be the man’s sexual release. Oh, that’s funny, I didn’t realize we were living back in the 15th century.


Saying that even if you’re tired from a day of work or the kids, but you still need to saddle up on him as to make sure he doesn’t stray, because that’s your job.

Bullshit. It’s all bullshit.

I know it may come as a shock, but women are not there just for a male to pile drive when he feels that he’s in the mood. That’s not how this works.

And let’s just get back to this ‘special need’ business. Since when is it that only men feel the need to have sex? Why is it that, even in today’s world, it’s such a strange notion for women to not only have a sex drive, but *gasp* actually enjoy sex? It’s not just a “special need” for a man, but ALSO a woman. I agree that sex is important to a relationship, but not just because the man apparently has some need for it more than the woman. And just because a woman enjoys sex does not mean she’s a slut or whore. It means she’s human.

I am getting so sick of a woman’s worth being based on sex or how she dresses.

Just this past Sunday it was reiterated to me in a class that we women need to be careful how we dress. We need to stop ‘tempting’ the men and being more thoughtful. That it’s our job to help make our men worthy and good church members…..


 And we were being told this by a 60+ year-old man.

How about you do your job as a PARENT and teach your own son not to see women as objects.

I know that it has been proven that men are more visually stimulated and women are more mentally stimulated, but guess what? That doesn’t mean you tell the girl how to dress because you’re saying your boys can’t control themselves. And how insulting is that to the men? They’re saying you men CAN’T CONTROL YOURSELVES. How is no one getting upset by this?


And not only that, but just because a woman is typically more mentally stimulated doesn’t mean we still don’t get hot and bothered by a beautiful man walking down the street. And yet you don’t see a woman just losing her shit and start dry humping the man right then and there. It’s called self-control, and guess what? Men have it too.

I’m just getting so freaking sick of this idea that only men have this problem with sex, because they’re the only ones who enjoy it. I can tell you right now, that even though I am a virgin, I’m a sexual person. AND THAT’S OKAY. Magically, I can still go about my day-to-day activities having the ability to resist the temptation to have sex.


Crazy thought, I know.

And I firmly believe that this sort of attitude is having major negative affects on both our boys and girls. At a young age they are both taught that if girls dresses a certain way that they are ASKING for the boys to react a certain way. In which the boys are taught to believe that if a girl is wearing a certain garment that they’re ASKING for you to do something. On both sides it’s making it clear that both view the girl as an object.

No wonder a girl’s self-esteem is constantly pummeled into the ground.

And it makes sense why a lot of boys grow up to be these frat-boy douche bags, because right from the get-go they’re taught to not respect women.

Moral of the story:

Women are just as sexual of beings as men.

As a man, you have no right to tell a girl what she should or shouldn’t wear.

Men can, in fact, control themselves.


(Original Duggar Article:

Man, I Wish I was More of an Adult.

So just the other day I posted what I stated as MY opinions about the rules at the university at which I currently attend. In it I tried my best to make sure to explain that while there are things I do disagree with, I consider it a blessing to go to this school. While most feedback has been very positive, as with any opinion, obviously I got feedback from people who didn’t agree. I would like to make it very clear that I am totally fine with others differing opinions from my own, because how hypocritical would it be for me to get mad at others for disagreeing with my own thoughts and ideas?

Having that said, one individual’s response to me just made me laugh and I just couldn’t help but share with everyone what she shared with me and what I deem as ridiculous responses.

Below is word-for-word her comment she left me, but of course, my added commentary to her absurdity written in bold. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

normally I’m not one to comment on people’s opinions but when I came across your blog that you shared your opinion about byuis honor code I was completely shocked in the amount of disrespect you have towards the rules especially coming from a returned missionary.


so I thought I’d share with you a little bit about the why those rules are there because you obviously haven’t learned them.

Oh yes, please inform me. 

The first opinion you posted about curfew and the chastity line go hand in hand! Please tell me you aren’t that naive to believe that if a guy and girl who may be “just friends” might not receive the temptation to do inappropriate things past 12!

1. What is with all the exclamation points? All I’m envisioning every time I see a sentence with a little ! is an overactive toddler in need of some ritalin. 

2. Ummm. My best friend is a (straight)guy. And when we visit each other we stay at each other’s places and guess what? Not once have I felt the need to touch his penis or have him reach to take my shirt off. 

3. Also, a novel idea, but people can actually get frisky at all times of the day, not just after 12(!)<–see what I did there?

Now if it’s a group of people that could be a different story but growing up in Idaho falls I have know groups of people who just stand in circles staring at each other naked at BYUi

What. The. Hell.

Now that sounds messed up right?

Um, yeah? Mostly, I’m just concerned with who you hangout with. 

but it happened after 12! past the chastity line! and between just friends! Satan works best at night!

Are you going to tell me that Satan runs the water on Sunday too? Cheese and rice woman. Go take a Xanax.

I assume coming from your old college you saw plenty of people getting into trouble past 12! You may have been one of them! If not please share with the world how you have avoided these situations cause we are all dying to know!

I’m actually a 90-year-old women and like to be in bed by 11. With Netflix.

Also, I have this little thing called,’self-control.’ It’s no secret. Everyone has it, some just don’t use it. 

Second your appearance! I can guarantee you if you went up to anyone with purple hair and applied for a job you will most likely never be called back again because one people don’t want a clown being the face of their business!


Also, you can’t say you guarantee anything and then say ‘most likely’ the next. That implies that you can’t actually guarantee anything……

And two it’s not professional no matter how many times you try to convince yourself that it is! Along with beards! Yes they may trim them up but coming at you with an esthetics license I can tell you that beards are dirty!!


Huh, I don’t see any left over mac&cheese or cookie crumbs……

It is meant strictly to present yourself in a clean and presentable manner, because your professors at that school could be your future employers so try and look as best as you can! You never know who you will run into! And your whole point about Jesus having a beard, well Joseph smith had multiple wives but does that make it okay in our church today? No! Do you see any church official with a beard? No!

So, so, SOOOOOO many things wrong with this sentence.

1. Comparing Jesus and Joseph Smith, firstly. No.

2. Last I checked, we were COMMANDED not to practice polygamy anymore. I must have missed the day when God said, “Thou Shalt No Longer Have Beards.”



(Brigham Young and Lorenzo Snow)
My last opinion if you didn’t care about any of those points would be simply they are trying to teach you obedience! Which you obviously didn’t learn as a missionary!

Honestly, that’s just unbelievably rude. How dare you determine how I was as a missionary. You have no idea what I went through while I was on my mission or how I behaved.(My mission president loved me, by the way, and when I had to go home early because of a MEDICAL reason, he told me I was welcomed back as soon as I was ready.) 

For one you are getting 60% or your tuition subsidized without any scholarships which is why it is so cheap for you to go there!

Yes, I know this. Hence another reason I am so blessed and grateful to be here. As I’ve already stated. 

so the least you can do is be obedient!

And I am obedient. Not agreeing with rules doesn’t mean I’m not following them. I am actually. It means that I just disagree with them…..sooooo

Also Employers are looking for people who can do simple task that they don’t want to do without bitching to them about it! So I’d recommend taking down your opinion before any future employers see this because it just makes you look bad.


Any mature adult would think these things through and if you can’t I recommend staying at that school till you learn it!


The End

A Letter to the (BYU-I) President

*Added Ocober 13th– After receiving some feedback from different people, I just want to make it clear that I understand this is just a rant, I am not expecting things to change.I simply wrote this, because I could. These are, in fact, just my opinions. This is not an actual “letter to the BYU-I President.” Simply a title. Once again, I am very grateful to attend here and although I don’t agree with all the rules, I do follow them. This really is a wonderful university. Sorry if I give off any attitude to the contrary.*

First off, before I go into anything I want to make it very clear that I’m unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho(BYU-I). I’ve had amazing professors, church leaders, and met people here that I can safely say will be a presence in my life from now on. However, while attending this university I’ve noticed that, while it is a great institution, there are definitely some aspects of it that I’m having some trouble with.

A quick back story:

I transferred to this school in the winter semester of 2015. It was a long road that made me end up at BYU-I. For those who don’t know, BYU-I, and it’s sister campuses, BYU-Provo and BYU-Hawaii, are Latter-Day Saint(LDS) colleges. With that being said, all three campuses are heavily religious oriented, obviously.

Well, while I did grow up in a LDS home, I went through my own rebellious stage during my teenage years. And no, I don’t mean I just watched a couple R rated movies and drank a red bull to turn up. With that being said, when it came around to me picking a college to go to, going to any of the BYU’s was not on my list of places to go. So instead I went to an instate school in Pennsylvania. While there I had my own “come to Jesus” moment and decided that I do, in fact, believe in the teachings of my church and so from that moment on I decided to make changes in my life.


The changes started slowly, but eventually I decided to go on a mission for my church.

When I came home from my mission, I decided that I didn’t want to attend the same university I had previously. While I’ve met some of my best friends at that school; the partying atmosphere and lack of people to date and hangout with that didn’t involve a bar was limited. So I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to change it up and now here I am.


If you had asked me when I was 15 if I would ever go to BYU I probably would have laughed in your face and flipped you off.

So now here I am, in Rexburg, Idaho. It’s been some getting used to, going from a campus where most people don’t believe in a God and have designated drinking nights like ‘Thirsty Thursday’ to a place where classes start off with a prayer(which, honestly, I dig it) and I can actually have a nice fall wreath on my apartment door without worrying about someone stealing it or drunken individuals puking on my doorstep.


While these few examples of change have been very welcome, there are quite a few that I’m having a really hard time with.

 1. Curfew

Yes, you read that right. This school has a curfew. Saturday-Thursday it’s 12 am while on Friday nights we are allowed out until 1 am. Now, it’s not like there’s a whole lot to do in Rexburg anyway, but a curfew? This is college. You can’t tell a bunch of college kids that they still need to be in bed by a certain time. I’m 23-years-old. Being told when I need be home is just humiliating.

2. The “Chastity Line”

There is a rule that no one of the opposite sex is allowed in the bedrooms. Which, being a religious school I somewhat get it. You don’t want us boning. So in every apartment there is a point where there is a door that leads to the bedrooms and the bathrooms and where that door sits has been dubbed, “The Chastity Line.”

Like, technically we’re not even supposed to let anyone of the opposite sex back there just to go to the bathroom. Seriously?

Once again, being a religious school I understand you don’t want us having sex, but I’m going to let you in on a few little secrets.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, boys and girls can be JUST FRIENDS. Which means we can hangout without worrying about any penetration occurring. EVEN if we’re in our bedrooms! I know, crazy.


2. Guess what? If people are really bound and determined to have sex, they’re going to have sex. You can have as many rules as you want, but when there is a will there is a way.

Honestly, it’s just really insulting to me. Once again, I’m 23-years-old, you can’t tell me, as an ADULT, who I am and am not allowed to have in my bedroom. I don’t even have these rules in my parent’s house and my parents are very church oriented.

And on the topic of us being ADULTS, how is this teaching us to live on our own after college? While yes, I understand this school assumes we’ll all be married before we graduate, that’s not the case for everyone. Some of us will actually be single when we leave this place. *gasp* And guess what? When we’re living outside of the Mormon bubble and have roommates that may not be members, are we going to have someone dictating and making sure we’re home by a certain time or that no one is in our bedrooms?


3. Our Appearance 

So appearance is a big deal at this school. They say it’s because they want to establish a ‘business’ feel to the campus and to have us look ‘professional.’ In so doing we have a dress code we are supposed to follow. A few being

  1. No flip-flops
  2. No Shorts
  3. No piercings other than our ears(for the girls)

But the rule of appearance that bothers me the most would be the one of  “no extreme hairstyles.” Ummm what? What even constitutes as extreme hairstyles? What one person deems as extreme might not be extreme to another. Apparently, ‘extreme’ here means no unnatural hair colors, man-buns, or beards.


I get that you don’t want us to look ratchet, I don’t want to look ratchet either. But just because a girl has purple hair or a guy has a beard doesn’t mean that they don’t look professional.

beard purple

^Classy looking individuals if you ask me.^

To me, it’s just like they keep adding to these appearance rules so that we all look exactly the same. We are all carbon copies of one another. And for a church that has invested so much money into ads and PR to show others that Mormons look and act differently, you sure aren’t helping your case when you’re having us walking around campus looking like clones.

Another thing, for being such a heavily religious institution, can you please explain to me why my brother can have a beard to enter the Temple, but can’t have one to go take a test in the testing center? Where is the logic in that? Last I checked, I think Jesus had a beard.


Also, the whole no ‘unnatural’ hair color? Umm, I didn’t realize fried, platinum blonde hair was natural. Or my ‘black cherry’ hair was natural either, but for whatever reason, THOSE are ok.


Now, I’m really not trying to be a rebellious, or ungrateful person here. As I stated before, I already went through that stage during my teens. I really am grateful to attend this school, the spirit it provides, and the connections I’ve made. I just think there are some things that could be improved upon. Mostly just treating us like actual adults. Now, unfortunately for myself, I already don’t do well with people telling me what to do and I have to work on that in general. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be treated as a respected adult rather than petulant teenager.


I’m Baaaacccckkkk

It’s been basically a solid year since I picked up this blogging thing and like many of my other hobbies- I started and then I stopped after a few months. I tried to expand my horizons and try other things out as well, but turns out I’m not talented at anything to do with crafts, music, sports, or basically anything that requires me to get off my ass.


So since a year has passed I have started a new school, tried my hand at tinder dating, started working at two jobs and surrounded myself with more Mormons in my life.

Good news, there has been one one constant, loving, presence in my life that stayed by my side throughout the many changes that have happened in the last year; my dear, dear Netflix.


Please stay tuned as I continue to try to navigate my entire existence and not end up homeless with my 20 cats.

PS- I’ve also started up my own Movie Rating site. It’s still under construction, but if you’d like to take a little peek…


We Scare because We Care.

Ahhh my favorite month, Halloween, I mean, October. But fo reelz, I know I’ve already written my little post about the amazing-ness that is this month. And as you remember(because I’m sure you’ve already read that post, rriiiggghhht?) one of my favorite things about this month are all the scary movies.


I mean, they’re just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! But I’m sure we’ve all noticed that people just don’t make scary movies like they used to. I mean, what can possibly hold a candle next to films like, The Exorcist or Halloween?

But logic would have it that with such advancement in technology that making a scary movie would be even easier now, but alas, I think I discovered why scary movies suck nowadays.



Sorry, not sorry, for the language.

But seriously, how idiotic can the human race get?

Like, people who come into my store with a $20 off coupon- get a top that’s $15.99, I tell them I can’t owe them money.

“Oh, that’s okay. You don’t need to give me change back.”


No, you moron.

I. Can’t. Owe. You. Money.

In what universe is it okay to try to use a coupon where your purchase doesn’t equal the amount you’re trying to get off from the coupon? How are you still alive?

I digress….

People are dumb.

And Hollywood knows this.

This became very clear to me when I went to go see the new ‘scary’ movie this year, Annabelle.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there were parts of this movie that made me a little jumpy. Just because of the freaking music they add, I swear. Like, talk about ‘fake scare.’ Making me scared of loud noises instead of what’s actually happening to the people, but whatever.

Anyway, the story of Annabelle is that it’s this girl in the 60s or 70s(don’t remember) around the time of the Manson Murders, so cults were becoming the big issue. Anyway, Annabelle apparently had joined a cult, had a boyfriend, she and the boyfriend went to go kill her old neighbors(the main characters) as a sacrifice or something to Satan or some demon, she gets herself killed, but not before she somehow got her spirit attached to some creepy-ass doll.

So as the movie progresses creepy things start happening to this little family Annabelle had tried to kill and turns out the demon wants the baby’s soul.

Sure demons are creepy, but the way this movie was presented wasn’t scary, wanna know why? BECAUSE THEY SHOW THE FREAKING DEMON!


You know, because demons are spirits that were never and will never be able to have bodies… you shouldn’t be able to see them.

But this freaking movie shows it. Like, heeellooooo.

But I don’t blame the director of the movie- because I know that he felt he had to show the demon to make it scary, otherwise the general public would be too flippin’ stupid to realize what was happening.

For example, there is a part in the movie where the cursed doll, Annabelle, starts floating in the air. That should be creepy enough, right? I mean, dolls aren’t supposed to float, at least that I’m aware of.

But as the camera pans closer and closer to the doll and what you finally see is the head of the demon and that he was the one to lift the doll.



Oh wait, I know why, it’s because you know you would hear some imbecile in the theater going,



See, what makes a scary movie truly scary is that it ends up being more of your imagination that gets you to freak out more than the actual movie itself.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Exhibit A:

The Exorcist


For those who’ve been living under a rock, The Exorcist is a movie about a little girl named Reagan who gets possessed by a demon, seemingly Satan, and two priest come together to perform an exorcism on the little girl.

Now, obviously throughout the movie there is plenty, visually, to freak/gross out/shock a person.

Reagan’s head turning 360 degrees, the deep demonic voice that she attributes, oh, and of coarse her puking up some nice green slime.


*fun fact- they used split pea soup for the puke*

But the reason this movie is truly horrifying is because you never know FOR CERTAIN what the heck is happening. Like, sure the demon says it’s the devil, but HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW?!

Plus, it’s like, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! You don’t ever SEE her get possessed or whatever, you just see the result of it. Plus, for skeptics it’s like, “oh she could just have a mental issue going on-” (which they test for in the movie, of coarse)

But you never actually SEE anything that causes the behavior. It just happens.

Exhibit B:

The Ring


Ahhhh The Ring is a newer horror film that actually did a pretty good job. Granted, I was 9 or 10, I think, when I first saw this movie, but it truly terrified me.

So The Ring is essentially about a journalist who investigates the deaths of 4 teenagers after they all die exactly a week after watching a videotape.

Well, it ends up being this little girl, Samara, who was just pure evil, and in so being was killed by her mother by being pushed down a well.

I don’t quite remember how the videotape happened, but basically the little girl used it so that when people watched it they’d receive a phone call telling them they had 7 days and 7 days later-


Now, here is what’s different about this scary movie, they do show things, BUT they do it so quickly, that your brain starts making up scarier details in your imagination than what’s actually there.

If that makes any sense.

For instance, they show the dead bodies of the characters that watched the tape and then were killed 7 days later by Samara. But they only show the bodies for a split second.

So ya, the bodies don’t look good anyway, but by only showing the bodies for a quick second your brain can’t fully comprehend what it just saw and starts making it look scarier than it actually was.

Also, the movie did a really good job at slowly revealing what was going on. Like, how Samara got into the room to kill her victims, what she looked like, etc.

They didn’t just blatantly throw it out there.

It was awesome.


*Fun Fact: That’s the same girl who voiced Lilo in, Lilo and Stitch.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cuddle on the couch with my cat and watch some spooky, spoopy, movies and enjoy what’s left of my favorite month.


I’m [Not] Feeling 22

I absolutely ADORE celebrating birthdays-both mine and others-I mean, you get presents and money for being born.

You’re getting paid for living.

It’s like being Kim Kardashian for a day.

With my own birthday soon approaching it’s caused me to be a bit reflective.

I know that I’m only turning 22 and that is still relatively young, I’m still finding myself feeling super old and totally unaccomplished for the age that I am.

I just thought I would have my life waaaayyy more together than I currently do.


1. I did NOT think I would still be living in my parent’s house.

Have a room in my parents house still? Yes.

Actually be living in it on a day-to-day bases? Not so much.

Granted, I realize this is NOT an indefinite plan. I, for the most part, have a pretty sure plan that I’ll be out of the house and back at school come January, but still. When I was the 16-year-old girl with black hair, I did NOT see myself still under my parent’s roof at 22.

2. I did NOT see myself being remotely anywhere near Pennsylvania.

Having been born and raised in Tennessee, I never thought I’d step foot in Pennsylvania. Now, granted, there was a short stint in New York my sophomore year of high school, but we moved back to the same house in TN, went back to my same high school, hung out with my same friends that I had before I’d left all in 6 months. So when the spring of my junior year came along and I was told that we would now be moving to Pennsylvania, I was- well, not surprised. I knew my dad had interviewed for a job there- but I don’t know. I guess part of me just always felt like I would have just stayed in TN for the rest of my life. If I’d have stayed there I probably would’ve gone to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, would’ve roomed with my best friend, and that would’ve been that.


Even though Pittsburgh may not be my most favorite place, without Pennsylvania I would not have met quite a few people who I can’t imagine not knowing. I’m very happy that that’s not the case.

3. I did NOT see myself being the Queen of the Cats.

Having grown up with my mother, who has always made sure there was a cat in the home at all times, I have obviously grown up to love cats. And what’s not to love? They’re feisty, independent, adorable- basically the animal version of Beyonce.


Now, I’ve always liked cats, but really my Cat Lady tendencies didn’t emerge until my freshman year of college. At first I think it just started out as me not being used to not having a cat around, so I was missing some fluffy companionship. Then it just escalated.

No wonder I’m single.

4. I did NOT see myself being the most single person to ever single.

I’m pretty sure all of you are pretty sick of me talking about how single I am. But honestly, it’s because that’s all I know. Growing up I was never one to have boyfriends. I’d have boys that were friends, in fact my best friend is a boy, but never one to actually BE the one in a relationship. My girlfriends all have boyfriends ALL THE TIME, so I was third-wheeling it…a lot…but I, myself, just didn’t have boys blowin up my phone.

Things started turning around- or at least I thought they were turning around- my junior year of high school. I got my first boyfriend(I guess I can call him that? It was a complicated situation….and no, not because he was imaginary) and after he and I broke up I had a couple fling-ish occurrences, but then I moved to Pennsylvania my senior year of high school and nothing happened. I wasn’t the biggest fan of most of the other kids I went to school with, so I just got a job and just worked every day after school and the weekends and that was my senior year.

When college happened- well, I wasn’t blown away by anyone there either. Only because most of the people at my college were/are party people- and I am not. I tried going to a frat party once……


Never Again.

I’ve gone on a couple dates here and there, but there’s been no spark with any of them. And I’m just not into wasting time.

Being Mormon doesn’t help much either. It should be no surprise that Mormons are notorious for getting married when they’re 12.


It’s 16.

But in all seriousness, it’s not uncommon for a Mormon-especially us females- to get married at 18 or 19. Now, I in no way wish I had gotten married at either one of these ages. I’ve changed so much in the last three years and the type of person I would’ve be interested in then is totally different than what I’m looking for in a guy now.

But I will say, it does not help the self-esteem to see a girl on Facebook, in her freshman year at college, who’s gotten engaged TWICE in the last 9 months and I can’t even get a guy to text me back.


5. I did NOT think I still would need help doing my taxes.

You know, why didn’t high school focus a little more on teaching us how to do taxes or take out loans? Like, I’m still waiting for the day when I’m going to need to whip out my knowledge about the Pythagorean theorem.


6. I did NOT think I would still have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

For the most part- I have the general IDEA of what I’m wanting from life. My goal of being a psychiatric nurse is still alive and well, and I know that I’d preferably like to move back to Tennessee or move to Virginia. Have my nice farm house, some horses, a lake and/or pool, oh ya, and maybe a husband and some small children. Ya know, whatevs.

It’s getting to that that I have no idea. I’ve got the end figured out- it’s this middle part that I can’t seem to get.


Clearly, I’m still plenty young and many more things will happen in my life that I don’t have planned. But I guess that’s the point of life, because if life went exactly the way you think it should then it could get pretty boring.